IADC Well Control Conference of the Americas & Exhibition

Start: 27 August 2019
End: 28 August 2019

Venue: Moody Gardens Hotel
Location: Galveston, Texas, USA

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The IADC Well Control Conference of the Americas will seek to examine the innovations that are shaping the future of well control, from technology to personnel competencies. This event will focus on timely technical presentations highlighting recent developments and innovations in technology, techniques, training, management systems, and a wide variety of other topics that affect well control.

Conference Program

Monday, 26 August
1-4 pm   Salons FG
IADC Well Control Committee Meeting

Tuesday, 27 August
7:30 am   Salons ABC & Foyer
Registration, Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

7:45 am   Moody II
Speaker Briefing (Conference speakers, session chairs and moderators only)

8:30 am   Moody II
Welcome & Introduction

  • Steve Kropla, Vice President – Special Projects & Member Initiatives, IADC
  • Pete Bennett, Chairman, IADC Well Control Committee; Director – Subsea Support, Pacific Drilling

8:45 am
Keynote Presentation: Scott A. Angelle, Director, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) (Invited)

9:15 am
Panel Session: API Standard 53
Moderator: Ricky Cummings, Senior Advisor Well Control Systems, Chevron
API Standard 53 changed how the oil and gas industry installs, inspects, maintains, tests, and operates BOP equipment. During this panel session, operator, drilling contractor and service company representatives will discuss the development of the standard, what has changed & why, and the implementation of it.

  • Danny Fugate, BOP Controls Specialist, BP
  • Katy Holst, Vice President of Engineering, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company
  • Pete Bennett, Chairman, IADC Well Control Committee; Director – Subsea Support, Pacific Drilling
  • Jon Shoemaker, Senior Director – Subsea Department, Diamond Offshore
  • Mike Fry, President/CEO, Deepwater Subsea

10:45 am
Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

11:15 am
Regulatory Affairs: Sheila Mallory, Deputy State Director, Minerals, New Mexico Office, Bureau of Land Management

11:45 am
Improving Well Control Training through a Comprehensive Approach: Brooke Polk, Director – Program Development & Technology, Mark Denkowski, Patty Tydings, IADC
As part of their overhaul of well control training, IADC has introduced more comprehensive course offerings, updated course content, generated analytics to ensure continuous improvement, enhanced credibility through the online exam database, and is now embarking on a new research-driven effort to improve content delivery and knowledge retention. Course content developed or updated in the past year comprises six distinct well servicing curricula and a course that integrates technical and non-technical content. Well control assessment analytics provide a wealth of data for identifying opportunities to improve learning. The final phase of this complete paradigm shift in well control training involves measuring knowledge retention and developing a continuous learning library to further promote retention between well control courses. When added to existing competence assurance efforts, the retention data and additional learning opportunities are expected to complete the Cycle of Competence. 

12:15 pm   Salon D
Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing

1:30 pm
Panel Session: Well Control Training
Moderator: Mark Denkowski, Vice President – Accreditation Operations, IADC
A group of industry leaders will examine gaps in training, the general state of current training, and the future of well control training.

  • Bill Mahler, Executive Vice President, Wild Well Control
  • Marcus Mason, CEO, Smith Mason & Co
  • Petar Radulovic, Head of Technical Business Development, Maersk Training
  • Spanky McGehee, Director of Simulator and Technical Training Programs, Noble
  • Josh Loveland, Manager-Learning & Development, Diamond Offshore

3:00 pm
Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

3:30 pm

MPD Return Flow Pathways: Adam Keith, Operations Engineer – MPD, Nabors Corporate Services
Nabors (internal) Well Control Committee has addressed the issue of MPD return flow pathways relative to the rig BOP and choke manifold. Nabors has established “Approved” and “Not Approved” equipment configurations. This presentation will review the language in the procedure document as well as show the illustrations depicting the do’s and dont’s.

Alternatives for Deepwater Well Control, Mitigating Chokeline Friction in Deepwater Operations: Børre Fossli, Well Control Advisor, Enhanced Drilling, Roger van Noort, Shell International E&P, Rolv Rommetveit, eDrilling Solutions
Three different alternative methods to manage and circulate out an influx in a deepwater well will be presented. From a sample deepwater well, results from simulations will be presented with respect to the wellbore pressure profile during an influx circulation and compared to the more conventional drillers method. The presentation will show how these different methods fare with respect to the ability to mitigate the risk of fracturing the formation in a narrow margin well.

Demonstrating an Innovative Active Wellbore Sealing System prior to Field Operations: Austin Johnson, MPD Technology Engineering Lead, Jess Nichols , Kareem Ameen, Alex MaxGregor, Justin Fraczek, AFGlobal Corp, Robert VanKuilenburg, Manager Mechanical Engineering, Noble
The presentation provides an overview of an active wellbore sealing system and it’s testing program. Results from full scale testing are shared, demonstrating how the system operates. Key features which distinguish the active wellbore sealing technology from older passive technologies are highlighted. Results from the testing program will be shared demonstrating the seal under drilling conditions. The presentation highlights design features enabling seal condition monitoring and seal life optimization.

5:00 pm   Salons ABC & Foyer
Welcoming Reception & Exhibit Viewing

Wednesday, 28 August

7:30 am   Salons ABC & Foyer
Registration, Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

8:30 am   Moody II
Welcome & Introduction

  • Steve Kropla, Vice President – Special Projects & Member Initiatives, IADC

8:45 am
Keynote Address: Hurricane Harvey: Public Communication Lessons Learned: Jeff Lindner, Meteorologist, Harris Country Flood Control District

9:15 am
The Importance of an Effective Response to a Well Control Emergency: Bill Mahler, Executive Vice President, Wild Well Control
During a well control emergency, it is crucial that an operator is prepared to make a quick and decisive response to minimize all losses. The best way to prepare for a well control emergency is to train office and field personnel to initiate an effective response to the event. Conducting drills using various scenarios on a regular basis will help identify potential bottlenecks and allow the operator to mitigate through changes in the response process before an event occurs. With training and the proper risk management tools, operators can respond effectively to decrease the impact of a well control emergency.

9:45 am
Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

10:15 am
Panel Session: BOP Performance & Reliability Data
Moderator: Mike Kucharski, Director – Semisubmersible Bldg Program, Transocean; RAPID-S53 Project Manager
This panel will discuss industry efforts to collect data to help improve BOP safety & performance, including the RAPID-S53 database and failure reporting required under the Well Control Rule. Participants will deliberate lessons learned, benefits realized and opportunities for further improvement in well control equipment reliability.

  • Frank Gallander, Industry Interface Consultant, Chevron; RAPID-S53 Oversight Committee Chairman
  • Martin Carnie, Head of Well Control Equipment, Maersk Drilling; RAPID-S53 Oversight Committee Vice-Chairman
  • Dan Franklin, Director of Engineering, NOV Rig Technologies
  • Doug Morris, Chief, Office of Offshore Regulatory Program, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE)

11:45 am   Salon D
Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing

1:00 pm
Panel Session: Challenges Onshore
Onshore drilling brings with it many challenges related to well control. This panel of onshore industry experts will discuss issues such as BOPs, cementing, well control equipment being used for MPD, pace of operations and associated lack of time for maintenance.

  • Mike Holcomb, President, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company
  • Richard Grayson, Senior QHSE Manager, Global Well Control Focal Point, Nabors Corporate Services
  • Wade Clark, Regional Vice President, US Land Operations, Helmerich & Payne IDC
  • Additional panelist to be named

2:30 pm
Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

3:00 pm
The Use of Advanced Simulation to Improve Barrier Integrity: Alistair Gill, General Manager, Engineering Services, Nathan Pinkston, Wild Well Control
This presentation will cover a number of ways in which advanced numerical simulations, both FEA and CFD, are being responsibly used to explore the behavior of various barrier materials, how they behave in place and how the design life or performance can be increased. The validation of the numerical simulations, crucial to ensuring they provide accurate and robust information, will also be outlined and various examples shown.

3:30 pm
Market Outlook: Jim Wicklund, Managing Director, Energy Group, Stephens Investment Banking 

4:00 pm
Closing Remarks & Adjournment

Unassigned Papers of Note:
Eye Tracking as Virtual Coach for Safety in Drilling Operations: Saeed Salehi, Professor, Raj Kiran, Well Construction Technology Center, University of Oklahoma
The existing training framework requires a new approach to improve its effectiveness in dealing with complex drilling operations. Eye-tracking can complement the age-old approach which lacks on quantification of human factors. A pilot program using in-house training framework is implemented at the University of Oklahoma Virtual Reality Drilling Simulator. The training module included the simulation of real-time operations, and the cognitive responses of the participants were captured using eye-tracking technology. The analysis showed the potential of implementing a near real-time feedback system to the participants. The new approach can reinforce the human-centered approach in future operations.

Instant Real-Time Data Transmittal is Critical to Well Control Remote Monitoring: Philip Neri, Director of Marketing, Jay Hollingsworth, CTO, Energistics Inc.
An overview of the flow of data from various rig activities towards onshore resources is presented, with a view of how digitalization of drilling activity impacts the way contractors and operators interact to ensure the safest and most productive drilling performance. Technical information on the new protocol is compared to existing processes. The use-case of well control and associated crisis management is presented, and the benefit of instant real-time in improving the collaboration from rig to shore is demonstrated. The final slides discuss the business case for the adoption of these standards. 

Trends and Analysis of Well Control Incidents on the Norwegian Continental Shelf: Øyvind Tuntland, Principal Engineer, Drilling and Well Technology, Roar Sognness, Principal Engineer, Monica Ovesen, Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
Reports of Well Control incidents during drilling and well operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) have been systematically collected, summarized and trended for many years as part of identifying the risk level related to the petroleum activities on the NCS. This presentation will look at trends and offer analysis of activities and causes that can be extracted from well control incident data reported to the PSA, as well as the frequency of incidents in exploration and production wells and shift in trends over time. Recent events are analyzed and grouped into main activities that have trigged or contributed to well control incidents, such as drilling, completion, P&A, slot recovery, MPD etc. Some key learnings from major well control events on the North Sea will also be reviewed.

Conference Program Committee

Deric Simmons, Precision Drilling
Earl Williams, Diamond Offshore
Fritz Golding, Noble
Jon Shoemaker, Diamond Offshore
Mark Cockram, Shell
Mike Garvin, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company
Pete Bennett, Pacific Drilling
Richard Grayson, Nabors Corporate Services
Steve Kropla, IADC


Advanced Energy Solutions
Boots & Coots/Halliburton
BOP Risk Mitigation Services, LLC
CAD Control Systems
Houston Digital Instruments
Xcel STS
IADC Bookstore
IADC Accreditation & Credentialing

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