2019 IADC International Deepwater Drilling Conference & Exhibition

Start: 19 March 2019
End: 20 March 2019

Venue: Petrobras R&D
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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In the current challenging oil price environment, the industry must be resolved to work together in a collaborative effort to increase our productivity. The challenge includes addressing the issues of safety, equipment reliability and reducing non-productive time. New technologies will assist the industry’s efforts to meet these issues.

Once again, IADC will convene its International Deepwater Drilling Conference in Brazil, one of the preeminent deepwater venues in the world. The conference, held in conjunction with Petrobras & hosted at Petrobras R&D, will examine cutting-edge technological advances and challenges for deepwater drilling and completions in key deepwater markets worldwide.

Conference Program

Tuesday, 19 March

07:30 Registration Lobby Foyer

07:30 Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing Breezeway

08:30 Welcoming Remarks   Auditório Lado A

  • Jason McFarland, President, IADC
  • Orlando Ribeiro, Executive Manager, Petrobras R&D
  • Samuel Bastos de Miranda, Wells Executive Manager, Petrobras

09:00 Keynote Presentation: Décio Oddone, Director General, ANP

09:30 RAPID-S53/IOGP WEC Shearing JIP: Steve Kropla, VP Special Projects & Member Initiatives, IADC
The IOGP/IADC BOP Reliability JIP, known as RAPID-S53, began collecting BOP performance data in 2015.  A collaborative venture between drilling contractors, operators, and OEMs, it is gradually evolving from a failure reporting system under API Standard 53 to analyze trends to assist in predicting BOP component reliability.  This update will focus on recent developments to benefit the industry as well as a companion Shear Ram JIP.

10:00 Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

10:30 Decommissioning
Moderator: Marcelo Mafra, Superintendent of Safety Operations & Environment, ANP
This panel will examine new technologies in decommissioning, reducing costs, and plug/abandonment.

  • Carlos Cabral, Regulations Specialist, ANP
  • Eduardo Zacaron, Decommissioning Manager, Petrobras
  • Thomas Wilke, General Manager – Subsea, Wild Well Control
  • Jørn Tore Giskemo, Global Engineering Manager for Integrated Wells Intervention, Halliburton

12:00 Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing   Breezeway  Sponsored by Wild Well Control

13:30 Big Data
Session Chair: Soraya Carvalho, Regional Sales Manager- Latin America, National Oilwell Varco

Reduced Rig Manpower Requires Enhanced Remote Monitoring & Collaborative Crisis Management: Philip Neri, Director of Marketing, Energistics Consortium Inc
The relocation of data monitoring activities from the rig to onshore centers increases the quality of drilling activities, lowers costs and decreases HSE exposure. With escalating amounts of digital data, a new data transfer protocol inspired by the entertainment industry’s streaming systems has been made available. It consists of a simple producer – receiver architecture that supports multiple concurrent receivers. This is relevant to crisis management involving multiple intervention and service actors with everyone looking at the same data in real-time. A full-scale test demonstrated lag times of 1 second (previously 10-15 seconds) using only 1/10th of the communication bandwidth.

Big Data & Machine Learning: Effective Tools for Enhancing Well Integrity: Robert Thibodeaux, VP Technology Development, Brennan Domec, Marcus Savini, Jeremy Angelle, Frank’s International
As the Oil and Gas industry moves towards digitization and data-driven operations, users are faced with new challenges; mainly, effectively presenting and acting upon the wealth of data created. Discussions surrounding this topic one will almost certainly encounter the terms “Big Data” or “Machine Learning.” But what are these technologies and how might one leverage their power to promote well integrity, reliability, and efficiency? These and other related questions will be addressed. Going beyond simple definitions, the presentation will present real world use cases to maximize potential benefit from the perspective of a service company.

Challenges & Solutions to Unlocking the Potential of Data: Ole Johnny Bjoroy, Product Line Manager – Condition Monitoring, John Hoeflich, Curt Kling, National Oilwell Varco
Since 2006, almost all new rig equipment has been controlled or at least monitored by digital systems and software, yielding the bi-product of increased data availability.  Advanced functionality and performance have helped industry achieve new levels of drilling productivity, while there have been challenges with unlocking the full potential of the operational equipment data. Creative collaborative partnerships between OEMs and rig owners, improved technology and gains in experience are leading to more successful programs that enhance both uptime and maintenance efficiency. Fundamental to these efforts are the quality of data, collaboration and integration of information. The presentation will cover how combining data, modeling technologies and comprehensive equipment knowledge empowers analytics and maintenance optimization teams to reduce cost while improving both reliability and performance.

15:00 Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

15:30 Human Machine Safety Systems on Drill Floors: Travis McGuire, Human Machine Engineering Manager, Transocean
Drill Floors are constantly in motion with equipment needed to complete drilling operations. Much of this equipment is captured in the drilling control management systems such as anti-collision systems and greatly reduces the risk of unintended machine to machine interaction. However, to date, people’s position on the drill floor relative to equipment has not been considered outside of procedural control through the application of the restricted access principle and of the hierarchy of control focusing on elimination. Transocean has partnered with sensor and video analytics companies, to develop a Drill Floor Safety System to accounting for the position of people relative to machines in the drilling process. The aim of the system is to: identify non-authorized personnel on the Drill Floor and ensure only those strictly required for the operation can be present; issue a personal alarm when an outer warning boundary is breached; and when an inner danger boundary is breached, sound an area alarm and stop equipment.  These additional safeguards are intended to further reduce the risks associated in drilling activities to as low as reasonably practicable.

16:00 Digital Transformation in the Oil & Gas Industry – Opportunities & Challenges
Moderator: Bruno Manfredini, Operations Manager – Brazil, Transocean
Oil and gas companies have prioritized the adoption of digital technologies that offer the potential to transform their operations. This panel of industry leaders will explore where we are on the digital transformation journey in terms of productivity gains, cost benefits, operational efficiencies, predictive maintenance and evolving business models. They will also examine the challenges ahead.

  • Hercules Padilha, Agile Materials, Petrobras
  • Dirk Kolnsberg, Director – Performance, Ensco plc
  • Lelio Souza, Chief Executive Officer, Intelie, a RigNet Company
  • Robin Macmillan, Chair, IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee; Sr. Vice President, National Oilwell Varco
  • David Goyallon, Drilling & Wells Manager, Total

17:30 Adjournment

Wednesday, 20 March

07:30 Registration Lobby Foyer

07:30 Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing Breezeway

08:30 Welcoming Remarks Auditório Lado A

  • Mike DuBose, VP International Business Development, IADC

08:45 Keynote Presentation: Rudimar Lorenzatto, Production Development & Technology Executive Director, Petrobras E&P

09:00 MPD – Applications, Lessons Learned & Technology
Moderator: Andre Fernandes, Chair, IADC UBO/MPD Committee; Technical Adviser, Petrobras

  • Leandro Rocha, Rig Performance Coordinator, Ocyan
  • Sohail Mohammed, Managing Principal Engineer, American Bureau of Shipping
  • Austin Johnson, MPD Technology Engineering Lead Advanced Drilling Systems, AFGlobal

10:30 Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

Session Chair: Heitor Luiz Gioppo, VP Drilling, Ocyan
11:00 Pre-Salt: Mauricio Moraes Neves Junior, Ultra Deepwater Project Manager, Danilo Signorini Gozzi, Ultra Deepwater Santos Basin Project Manager, Petrobras

12:00 RTSC (Real Time Support Center), A New Digital Set Up to Improve Worldwide the Safety and Efficiency of TOTAL´s Deepwater Operations: André Glowacz, Directeur General Adjoint, Total E&P do Brasil Ltda.
Since 2016, TOTAL has implemented in Houston (USA) and Pau (France) a RTSC Real Time Support Center to improve the safety and the efficiency of its deepwater operations.  This digital tool has been contributing efficiently to better control our main drilling hazards, to reduce well incident, to take faster decision and to reduce our cost.  RTSC is now a MUST in TOTAL´s DWIP (Deepwater Improvement Process) toolbox.

12:30 Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing   Breezeway

14:00 Well Construction
Session Chair: Eric Trammell, Drilling Engineering Manager, Chevron Brasil Petróleo Ltda   

Proof of Value in Automating the Drill Floor: Jeremy Angelle, Sr. VP of Technology & Engineering, Frank’s International
The drilling sector of the industry has been slow to adopt technologies that can automate processes on the rig floor; however, lower commodity pricing is forcing the industry to become more efficient and cost conscious. This presentation will demonstrate proof of value to show what is feasible in automating the drill floor.

BigBore IIe™ Wellhead System & DXe™ Wellhead Connector – The Subsea Industry’s Next Generation Technology: Israel Beraldi, Technical Sales Consultant, Dril-Quip do Brasil
The BigBore IIe™ is a next generation subsea wellhead system that features a seal assembly which provides 2 million lbs. hanger lockdown capacity to resist thermal and pressure loads, eliminating the need for extra drilling and production lockdown devices, ensuring significant OPEX and CAPEX savings and also increasing HSE by reducing the exposure time to well operations. The DXe™ Connector features an unique proprietary highly engineered locking profile that provides high fatigue & high load capacities. When the connector is locked onto a wellhead, loads are transmitted through the upper body, through latch segments and into the wellhead locking profile. None of the DXe connector’s bolts are in the load path, eliminating the possibility of connector failure due to bolt failures that the industry has recently experienced. The DXe™ Connector maximizes the drilling vessel watch circle, it gasket is qualified to API 6A PR2 to 20,000 psi (with gas) 35° to 400° F, exceeds API 16A PR2 and API 17TR7 requirements, its available with flange, studded or integral connection and the increased hub contact area provides high bending capacity.

15:00 Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

15:30 Completions

A Truly Multicycle, Remote Activated, Barrier Valve Deployed in Subsea Application Boosts Industry Reliability: Euan Murdoch, RFID Completions Product Line Manager, Christopher Munro, Ivan Munoz, Weatherford
The reliability of subsurface barrier valves has long been an industry problem. This paper describes the subsea deployment of a new valve that uses innovative methods of both remote activation and triggering that have been previously unavailable on the market and attain a step change in reliability.

Intervention & Completion Landing String Validation Testing for HPHT Application: Lalit Karlapalem, Manager FEA, Lucien Hehn, Glenn Brown, Grant Prideco NOV Wellbore Technologies, David Pattillo, Anadarko, Adam Rowe, Jake Hennig, Stress Engineering, David Baskett, Pathcon, Ron Quates, Quates Consulting
A novel methodology describing a fit-for-purpose qualification on an existing drill pipe-based design with gas-tight, rotary-shouldered connection is presented. Various Industry standards are used as the basis for design, verification and validation of equipment for HPHT completion and intervention operations.

16:30 Adjournment

Unassigned Paper of Note:
The following paper proposal will be included in the conference if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition,  presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

30″ Casing While Drilling (CwD) Conductor Installation: Joshua Thibodeaux, Director of Technology Enhancement, Frank’s International
Historically, casing-while-drilling (CwD) technology has enabled operators to overcome challenging lithologies. Based on its track history, CwD was selected as the solution to install 30″ casing in an area prone to wellbore collapse. This presentation evaluates a case study of the industry-first 30″ casing CwD installation and applicability with large outer-diameter (OD) tubulars.

Conference Program Committee

Alberto Sampaio, Petrogal Brasil
Bruno Manfredini, Transocean
Eduardo Galletti, Equinor
Eric Trammell, Chevron Brasil Petróleo Ltda
Francisco Fernandes, PetroRio
Guilherme Vanni, Petrobras
Heitor Luiz Gioppo, Ocyan
Jacques Braile Saliés, QGEP
Jose Firmo, Seadrill
Marcelo Mafra, ANP
Maria Clara Silva, Ensco plc
Rafael Fulco, Petrobras
Rodrigo Ribeiro, Queiroz Galvao Oil & Gas
Soraya Carvalho, National Oilwell Varco
Wouter Bode, Shell
Roberto Paschoalin, IADC
Mike DuBose, IADC


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Petrobras R&D
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Av. Horácio Macedo, 950 – Ilha do Fundão
Rio de Janeiro 21941-915

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JW Marriott Hotel Rio de Janeiro
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