IADC Health, Safety, Environment & Training Conference & Exhibition

Start: 6 February 2018
End: 7 February 2018

Venue: Omni Hotel Houston Westside
Location: Houston, TX, USA


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For questions regarding the conference, please contact Stephanie Carling at stephanie.carling@iadc.org or +1.713.292.1945.


The IADC Health, Safety, Environment, & Training Conference & Exhibition will be held 6-7 February 2018 at the Omni Houston Hotel Westside.  This conference examines a range of topics impacting accident prevention, environmental protection, competency, and training in the drilling industry.

Conference Program

Tuesday, 6 February

7:15 am  Registration, Coffee Service & Exhibition  Texas Ballroom & Foyer

7:30 am  Speaker Briefing (Speakers, Moderators & Session Chairs only)  Texas Ballroom 5-7

8:15 am  Welcome & Introduction  Texas Ballroom 5-7

  • Jason McFarland, President, IADC
  • Christine Lederer, IADC HSE Committee Co-Chairwoman; Environmental Specialist, Rowan Companies
  • Ryan D’Aunoy, IADC HSE Committee Co-Chair; HSE Standards & Compliance Manager, Precision Drilling Company

8:30 am  Keynote Presentation: Can Teamwork Enhance Safety? Evidence-based Practices that Matter: Eduardo Salas, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Rice University

9:00 am  Health  

Examining Fatigue-Related Variability in Operator Performance During Offshore Drilling: Ranjana Mehta, PhD, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University
A novel approach to quantifying human performance under extreme stress in offshore drilling scenarios will be presented. Characterizing cognitive performance across shifts, for realistic scenarios, gives scenario planners the ability to create scenarios that are consistent with the capabilities of the people who carry them out, when they are to be carried out. This multidimensional approach to determining variability in operator performance and identifying the sources of variability can provide scenario planners with additional information that may help in developing alternative strategies to mitigate or prevent errors. This holistic approach to understanding the fatigue that workers – and specifically drillers – experience offshore is an innovative approach in that it gives the scenario planners a greater level of clarity regarding variables that predict, and thus can help prevent “human error.” Through these efforts, uncertainties in scenario planning can be addressed and, more importantly contained, that would in turn contribute towards reducing the frequency and severity of loss of containment incidents in offshore operations.

9:30 am  Industry Collaboration

A Year Into the Trump Administration: Kathleen Sgamma, President, Western Energy Alliance
Since President Trump took office a year ago, Western Energy Alliance and the industry in general went from playing constant defense against a regulatory overreach agenda meant to curtail oil and natural gas development to one focused on American energy dominance and economic prosperity. The administration moved quickly to roll back several rules, but many legal and regulatory hurdles must be overcome to ensure the federal overreach is reversed. Furthermore, much needs to be done to ensure advantageous policies remain for the long haul and cannot be easily undone when the political winds blow in a different direction. Kathleen will discuss regulatory roll-back efforts particularly related to methane rules and public land use planning, as well as some of the long-term agency reform efforts that the Alliance is advancing.

10:05 am  Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing  

10:35 am  Rig Managers Panel Session  Moderator: Warren Hubler, VP HSE & Training, Helmerich & Payne IDC
Listen to a mix of rig managers from both onshore and offshore drilling companies give a first-hand, rig account on their ever changing roles in an evolving industry. The panel will discuss individual rig culture, as well as their company’s safety culture.

  • Alec Wood, Rig Manager X22, Western District, Nabors Drilling Technologies USA, Inc.
  • Chris Evenson, Training & Development Manager, Helmerich & Payne IDC
  • Jacques-Henri Eychenne, DS-9 Rig Manager, Ensco plc
  • Curtis Chandler, Drilling Superintendent, Noble Drilling Services Inc.
  • Webster Jones, Operations Manager – BlackHornet, Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.

12:10 pm  Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing   Lakeview Room

1:25 pm  Safety & the Environment  Session Chair: John Karish, Managing Member, GtZ Consulting LLC

Strategies For Onshore & Offshore Air Emissions: Jim Rocco, Sr. Director – Policy & Regulatory Affairs, IADC, Jesse Hein, Sr. Environmental Manager, Marcel Snijder, Project Engineer, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC
This discussion will provide insight into the current and emerging framework for addressing air emissions from onshore and offshore industrial activities. As domestic and international regulatory bodies continue to address industrial air emissions effect on climate change, these agencies are continuing to formulate methods by which industrial activities will contribute to air emission reductions. Onshore and offshore operating environments will be explored while considering current and future compliance implications and options for further enhancement of air emissions control systems.  

Reducing Alarm Fatigue Using Modern Machine Learning Techniques: Sean Unrau, Product Line Manager, Pason Systems Corp.
Modern drilling rigs use electronic systems to alert crews to potentially hazardous and costly events such as kicks, losses, or spills. Unfortunately even under normal safe operation of the rig, wide fluctuations in measured values generate many false alarms. Crews are distracted due to Alarm Fatigue and well control events are missed. Modern machine learning techniques can be used to dramatically reduce false alarms and increase safety on the rig through early detection.

Journey Management-Understanding the Threat Profile: Stan Ayscue, Country Manager-Strategic Projects, Protection Group International
Highlighting real-life hostile events in the energy sector, the presentation will cover how to properly plan and execute a journey management program. The discussion will include common pitfalls in travel planning and how to train your staff to make smart decisions about their personal security.

3:00 pm  Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing  

3:30 pm  Safety & HSE Management  Session Chair: Clyde Loll, Director QHSES, Nabors Corporate Services

4 Simple Questions to Discover What Will Contribute to your Next Incident: Sandra Adkins, Global Wells Organization Safety Advisor: Human Performance, BP
Instead of using traditional HSE data to predict our next incident, let’s go straight to our best source—the front-line worker. They are at the center of where plant, processes, and people meet and work is executed. They have keen awareness of problems and solutions. The presentation will share 4 simple yet powerful questions to harness their insight and start intervening on causes deeper in the system before they ever reach the front-line to achieve the HSE results we know are possible.

Raising the Bar on Safety: Dropped Object Prevention: Chris Corcoran, Sr. Advisor, Demetri Stroubakis, Assistant Chief Surveyor Global Materials & Equipment Certification, ABS
The traditional approach to managing dropped objects in the offshore work environment has been to apply best practices for existing equipment. An estimated 10 percent of fatalities, thousands of incidents that require medical treatment and many avoidable lost-time injuries are caused by dropped objects. ABS introduces an industry-first guide that has the potential to improve offshore safety by reducing dropped object incidents.

Using Small Incident Investigations to Enhance Safety Culture: John Munsil, Project Manager, PSRG Inc.
The investigation of small incidents and near misses provides an opportunity for any company to change its safety culture at the grass roots level. This is due in part to features unique to small incidents and near misses, specifically including the much greater frequency of small incidents than large incidents, the potential to quickly investigate and respond with lessons learned, and the influence of human dynamics on the individual in the workplace.

5:05 pm  Welcoming Reception & Exhibit Viewing   Sponsored by 3M

Wednesday, 7 February

7:15 am  Registration, Coffee Service & Exhibition  Texas Ballroom & Foyer

8:15 am  Welcome & Introduction  Texas Ballroom 5-7

  • Eliot Doyle, IADC Workforce Development Committee Co-Chair; Global Competency Manager, Rowan Companies

8:20 am  Keynote Presentation: Mark A. Scholz, President, Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC)

8:45 am  Safety & Behavior-Based Safety

H2: Humans and Hazards: Michael LeBlanc, Consultant Manager, Intertek
Neuroscience shows us there are 4 stages our brain naturally advances through when learning a new skill. This presentation highlights each stage and asks the audience to think through how they are addressing the issue of humans and hazards for employees at each stage. One size does not fit all when it comes to humans and hazards.

Technology and How it Can Advance DROPS Safety: Robert Walls, Account Director, OES Asset Integrity Management
Advances in DROPS safety have become a focus for the offshore sector. Throughout all areas of industry safety processes have been honed and focused on preventing predictable and needless incidents or accidents. No more so than in the arena of DROPS safety, where every near miss or incident carries a human factor, either as an originating occurrence or as a consequence. Now technology advances like RFID & remotely operated DRONES are contributing to saving lives and livelihoods. This presentation will focus on why DROPS safety is still fundamental and how the technologies at our disposal are helping all in the offshore community manage this risk.

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) – Myths, Shortcomings & Future: Susan Murphy, Principal Consultant, DEKRA & John Karish, Managing Member, GtZ Consulting LLC
BBS is still a viable concept for the upstream oil & gas industry. This joint presentation will address the guiding principles behind BBS. It will highlight the shortcomings and what has happened to undermine BBS and why. It will pose probing questions to the audience and challenge some current thinking behind BBS in order to achieve successful improvement in the future.

10:20 am  Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

10:50 am  Workforce Development  Session Chair: Christine Lederer, IADC HSE Committee Co-Chairwoman; Environmental Specialist, Rowan Companies

Building Effective Teams: Addressing the Future of the Oil & Gas Industry:  Vera Verdree, Sr. Quality Manager, Baker Hughes, a GE company  
Creativity and innovation are increasingly important for companies to survive in the current economic climate. This talk discusses embracing diversity and inclusion to build effective teams, and a call to action for the industry.

The “Last Mile” Problem: Improving Results by Connecting Procedures to the Worksite: Cason Swindle, President, Context Associates, Inc., Edi Gittenberger, Craig Crowther, Rider International B.V.
Until your operating procedures get to the rig floor and are used by your team, they don’t reduce your safety risks or improve productivity the way they should.  Dalma Energy, an Omani drilling contractor, set out to address this “last mile” challenge, and the solution they employed significantly reduced their safety incidents and improved their NPT.  This presentation will detail what they did, how they did it, and how you can address your “last mile” challenge to improve your company’s safety and productivity results.

Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof: William “Jack” Jackson, Sr. Safety Consultant, SafeStart
Do the terms “that will never happen to me” or how about “I’ve been doing this job for 30 years and never been hurt” sound familiar? Do you have people in your organization that are “10 Feet Tall and Bullet Proof?” Jack will address this attitude and help us to understand why, as adults, we tend to think we are safe enough. This session will address how to take us from thinking we are “safe enough” already to exploring how to get the attention of management to address those things that will enhance your safety culture. You will be led through the transition that all employees need to make, from thinking that nothing can hurt us to learning from our mistakes and leave with new ideas on how to advance your safety culture by getting people to think differently about their own personal safety.

12:00 pm  Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing

1:15 pm  Safety Trends:  Are We Headed in the Right Direction?  Moderator: Mike Garvin, IADC Division VP, North America Onshore; Sr. VP, Operations Support, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC
The industry is challenged with onboarding the right people that will do the right thing at the right time from a pool of candidates that may have run dry.  This panel session will focus on current safety data, trends, and challenges companies are facing.  The panel will share a look into how safety trends are impacting their company from a Human Resource perspective while sharing actions they are taking to secure and maintain competent personnel in today’s industry.

  • Brooke Polk, Director of Program Development & Technology, IADC
  • Petar Radulovic, VP HSE, Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.
  • Kyle Cordis, Director of HS&E, Cactus Drilling Company, LLC
  • J.D. Danni, Safety & Health Specialist–Oil & Gas, Federal OSHA

2:50 pm  Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

3:10 pm  Collaboration  Session Chair: Richard Grayson, HSE Manager, Nabors Corporate Services

Operator/Drilling Contractor Collaboration
Hear the collaborative effort between operator and contractor working together for the good of the industry. It’s important for both parties to display transparency and cooperate when meeting with industry regulators, whether to showcase their best practices or discuss any concerns. This session will discuss recent meetings with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and emphasize that type of open, industry participation.

  • Mike Potts, Drilling Engineer Well Construction & Technology, Devon Energy
  • Greg Hudson, Project Manager, Cactus Drilling Company, LLC

Partnering for Progress: Jeff Kilfoyle, HSE Manager, BP, Jeff Kolean, HSET Manager, Nordic Calista Services
Learn how a partnership between Operator and Contractor based on respect and accountability delivers real sustainable progress in Safety. Create a system that is easily understood, one that has a direct line to risk is better than a great system that employees struggle to comprehend. Complexity needs to be used sparingly in systems which interface directly with front line employees.

4:15 pm  Adjournment

Unassigned Paper of Note:
Should a scheduled presentation become unavailable, an unassigned paper will be accepted for presentation. In addition, this presentation will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

Tubular Handling Assessments: Alistair Tong, HSE Principal Specialist, ADC Americas
It was wholly apparent at the 2016 IADC HSE conference that we still have an undeniable dynamic dropped object problem, particularly when handling pipe and also in our moon-pools. Tubular (or BOP) Handling Assessments ensure such risks are reduced ALARP by looking at things differently. Automation of drill-floor machinery and tubular-handling equipment has many advantages but introduces new hazards. Malfunctions or misuse of equipment has high potential all too often realized, for serious injury or fatality. ADC’s “All 4 One” approach and independent view has helped see and do things differently before it counts.

Conference Program Committee

Christine Lederer, Rowan Companies
Clyde Loll, Nabors Corporate Services
Jennifer Guidry, Precision Drilling Company
John Karish, GTZ Consulting LLC
Lance O’Steen, Atlantica Management (USA) Inc.
Melvin LeBlanc, Shell E&P
Mike Wahl, Definitions Health & Wellness
Nicolas Le Gouhinec, Ensco plc
Petar Radulovic, Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.
Richard Grayson, Nabors Corporate Services
Ryan D’Aunoy, Precison Drilling Company
Warren Hubler, Helmerich & Payne IDC
Brooke Polk, IADC
Mark Denkowski, IADC
Rhett Winter, IADC


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