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A stand-alone Chapter of the IADC Drilling Manual, 12th edition

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Well control is arguably the most critical discipline in the drilling industry. This revised chapter of the IADC Drilling Manual, 12th edition, covers the gamut of well-control equipment and practice, from equipment to maintenance to procedures for land, bottom-supported rigs and subsea operations. Updated with the latest information, this stand-alone chapter covers blowout preventer stack equipment and arrangements, BOP design, BOP testing, inside BOPs, chokes, diverters, control systems and more. The chapter’s section on well control procedures explains calculations and more for well killing. As an added bonus, the chapter includes the latest IADC Killsheets for Driller’s Method, Wait and Weight (surface and subsea) and Bullheading Method. Each killsheet conveniently provided in US, metric and SI units. Includes 47 color and black-and-white charts and illustrations, 10 tables, glossary of well control terms, and 12 IADC Killsheets, with a guide to download these from 103 pages, including 39 pages of appendices. © IADC. All rights reserved.

Contributors and Reviewers:

Fred Mueller, Chevron; Lachelle Ahmed, GE Oil & Gas; Richard Grayson, Nabors Offshore Drilling; David Cormack, Auriga Training Limited; Arash Haghshenas, Boots & Coots A Halliburton Service; Bhavesh Ranka, Cudd Well Control; Mel Whitby, Cameron Drilling Systems; Jason Sasarak, BP

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