Drilling Industry Training Program Forms & Documents

This is a list of current forms used in the Drilling Industry Training Accreditation System, DIT. Forms with active hyperlinks may be downloaded from the web in PDF format.

Please note that some forms are reserved for the internal use of IADC. Documents are provided in MS Word format to facilitate completion and electronic submission.  When using these documents, applicants MUST NOT modify the original content or format of these forms.  Applicants are responsible for ensuring they submit the latest version of any forms, which are maintained on this page.


Procedures & Reference Documents

Form ID Title Current Revision Format
Bulletin 16-01 DIT Accreditation Requirement Updates 5 Dec 2016 PDF
DIT-01 Accreditation Procedures Second Edition, Rev 2, Sept 2017 PDF
DIT-06 Schedule of Fees Rev 12, Sept 2017 PDF
DIT-10 Application Process Flowchart 25 Feb 2008 PDF

Application Documents

To apply for accreditation, please complete form DIT-03 and DIT-04 and email to dit@iadc.org.

Form ID Title Current
DIT-01E DIT eLearning Requirements & Agreement Rev 0, July 2016 PDF
DIT-03 DIT Application for Accreditation Rev 9, October 2016 PDF
DIT-03M DIT Program Modification Form Rev 3, December 2017 PDF

Program Administration

Form ID Title Current
ACD-15 IADC Logo Usage Policy Rev 4, Sept 2016 PDF
ACD-63 IADC Corrective Action Form Rev 19, November 2017 PDF
ACD-64 IADC Site Visit Acknowledgement Rev 2, March 2016 PDF
ACD-67 Quality Statement & Comment Policy Rev 5, Sept 2016 PDF
ACD-67p Quality Statement & Comment Policy, Portuguese Rev 2, Nov 2016 PDF
ACD-67s Quality Statement & Comment Policy, Spanish Rev 4, Sept 2016 PDF
DIT-61 Site Visit Checklist Rev 10, April 2017 PDF