IADC World Drilling 2011 Conference & Exhibition, 15-16 June, Bella Centre, Copenhagen  

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"Embracing Change, Creating Opportunities"


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Sweeping change is coming to the global well construction industry, and with change comes opportunity. The post-Macondo world will pose unprecedented challenges – in regulation, operations, technology, markets and other critical areas. Through panels and presentations, IADC World Drilling 2011, 15-16 June at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen, will afford attendees with a window on these broad changes and strategic implications for our industry. 


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Wednesday, 15 June 

07.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition 

08.15 Conference Opening
Dr. Lee Hunt, IADC, President

Welcoming Remarks
Matt Ralls, 2011 IADC Chairman; President & CEO, Rowan Companies, Inc.

Special Remarks
Lykke Friis, Minister for Climate and Energy, Denmark

Keynote Presentation
Troels Albrechtsen, Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Technology and Projects, Maersk Oil

09.00 Human Free Drilling?
Moderators: Sjoerd Brouwer, Well Engineering Manager Europe, Shell Upstream International, & Pierre Gie, DGEP TDO FP Strategie-Contracteurs-Qualite, TOTAL
Exploration & Production 

The drilling & completion industry is getting serious about implementing human-free drilling. While roadblocks remain, many perceived obstacles have already been overcome in other industries, say automation experts such as panelist Jim Rogers of Apache. This panel will examine how other industries have succeeded in automating operations, as well as look at state of the art for automated drilling and solutions to overcome limitations in drilling control systems. Panelists will make brief introductions, then discuss key issues. 

  • How Other Industries Got It Right; Jim Rogers, Automation Advisor-Worldwide Drilling, Apache Corporation
  • From Remote Control to Automation; Frederik Smidth, Chief Technical Officer, Maersk Drilling   
  • Automated Operations: One Important Step; Svein Ove Aanesland, Product Line Director-Control Systems, National Oilwell Varco
  • Drilling Controls Modeling Approach; Nejm Saadallah, Research, IRIS

10.00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition 

10.30 Drilling Automation: Challenges to Overcome
Session Chairs: Brett Chandler, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, NOV Grant Prideco, & Dominique Dupuis, Head of Drilling Engineering, Pride International 

While the preceding panel outlined the Holy Grail for automation, these speakers will discuss challenging issues, including equipment and software reliability, and drilling-data integration, as well as industry solutions through IADC and SPE. Issues related to downhole automation and new pressure control technology are also covered. 

Who Broke This?  The Art of Finger Pointing When a Rig Fails
David Reid, Global Account Vice President E&P Business & Technology, National Oilwell Varco.
The current dilemma in the ever-expanding world of helpful machines and software introduced to a working environment that wasn't asking for help will be dissected to find out how man and machine can start getting along better. Getting the machines to start to do what was written on the label may need more than finger pointing to move forward. Our attempts to add tools in our processes to improve productivity often fails, and we need to find a way to produce better performance instead of worse. This presentation will highlight hard questions we need to ask ourselves collectively if we have a hope of a new day in rig reliability. Chronic NPT has been growing, and, however you look at it, the new tools seem to be what changed in the mix; but if we don't change with the new tools we will remain hopeful that we can turn back time when we really have to learn to develop a continuous improvement culture. So how can we all get along and actually produce better results? This presentation will highlight some ideas for improvement and collaboration going forward. 

An Application for Drilling Data Integration – of Tools, Concepts & Organizations
Terry Loftis, Engineering Manager –DP, Instrumentation & Controls, Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling Inc.
One goal of any industry organization should be to promote the safe, productive and mutually beneficial work of its respective constituency. That should also include technological innovation. This paper attempts to convey the joint IADC/SPE concepts, objectives, findings and tasks undertaken to date, to develop an industry communication protocol guideline for integration of surface and downhole drilling systems. 

Downhole Automated Systems
Scott R. Parent, Vice President Technology Drilling & Evaluation, Baker Hughes Inc.
Drilling automation is a truly a comprehensive systems approach to drilling, requiring the integration of numerous drilling technologies that in many cases have been independent technical and commercial applications. Adoption of automation has historically been part of any maturing industry and brings many challenges of multi-domain data collection and automated or semi-automated expert decision making. Significant challenges in oilfield adoption include the endorsement and implementation of digital communication frameworks and standards by contractors and operators to enable the development of robust real-time integrated simulation and control systems.  

The Developing Design of the Blowout Preventer in Deepwater
Eric Brown, Project Manager, National Oilwell Varco

A description of new technology that may benefit older generation floating rigs with 4 and 5 cavity BOPs working in the Gulf of Mexico. As well as identify issues, proposed rules and possible solutions to complying with the new requirements set by the BOEMRE (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement) for Drilling Operations.

12.00 Luncheon & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by: Atwood Oceanics 

13.30 Emerging Offshore Markets
Moderators: Carel Hoyer, Group Vice President, Weatherford, & John Monks, General Manager, Northern Offshore UK Ltd. 

Most of the world is covered by ocean, and it seems that most of the ocean is covered with drilling markets. This session will begin with an overview of emerging markets, then move to consider one major operator’s experiences in new areas, particularly the Black Sea, Liberia and the Arctic. The final presentation will examine how new technology is resulting in the “re-emergence” of a familiar drilling arena – the North Sea.

  • Andrew Reid, Chief Executive Officer, Douglas-Westwood
  • Kevin Carey, General Manager Global Deepwater & Complex Wells, Chevron Global Upstream and Gas
  • Geoff Gough, Senior Process Engineer, DONG Energy

15.00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition 

15:30 Newbuild Performance Experience
Session Chairs: Gregers Kudsk, Vice President, Maersk Drilling, & Sigve Hovda, Chief Engineer Drilling and Well Facilities, Statoil 

The industry has produced a number of high-performance, innovative offshore drilling rigs over the last few years. This session will explore the actual performance of some of these high-spec rigs, as well as how operator and contractor can collaborate to optimise safety and efficiency. 

Introducing High Performance Jackups in New Segments
Jørgen Schaffer, Senior Director and Asset Manager for High Efficiency Jack-up’s, Jorn Madsen, Maersk Drilling
Maersk Drilling has over the last couple of years taken delivery of 4 high efficiency jack-up's. The design of the jack-up's has been based on Maersk Drilling's history of automated drilling operations in the Norwegian part of the North Sea. Moving these state of the art drilling machines to areas with less regulatory requirements for hands-off operations has been an interesting and challenging experience. New ways of working with the customers and the other service providers are required to optimize the use and reap the benefits of the new design.

Experience with a New Built Jackup, From Contract, Construction and the First Years Work.
Harm Delil, Advisor Well control Project, Noble Drilling & Rob van der Vegt, Senior Well Engineer, Shell International
Shared experience from both the rig owner and the oil company during the project culminating what makes a new rig work safe and efficient.

Lifecycle Control Systems Management: A Key to Equipment Performance on Both Premium Jackups and Late-Generation Floaters
Bill O’Grady, VP Engineering, Nestor Fesas, Athens Group
Complex control systems enable the mission-critical processes which make premium jackups so desirable. These systems (drilling, vessel management, power management and subsea control systems) are the same as those that are present on 5th and 6th generation drillships and semisubs. Because control systems aren’t present on conventional jackups, the idea of control systems software management is not usually associated with jackup drilling rigs. However, control system management is vital to the proper operation of these assets. This presentation will focus on practices proven to help reduce NPT, safeguard the environment and improve safety on premium jackups.  

17.00-18.30 Welcoming Reception & Open Exhibition 

Thursday, 16 June 

07.30 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition 

08.30 Welcome & Introduction
Dr. Lee Hunt, President, IADC

08.40 Keynote Presentation: An Industry Problem?
Peter Sharpe, Executive Vice President, Wells, Shell International Exploration & Production B.V.
What needs to change in our industry if we are to avoid the next major event.

09.00 Shale Operations in North America
Session Chairs: Shane Marchand, Vice President, Helmerich & Payne, & Hege Kverneland, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, National Oilwell Varco   

The shale plays are the hottest E&P market in North America, but these lucrative fields were not developed without firm economic drivers and step changes in drilling and completion technology. These presentations will look at the drivers and technical advances that enabled today’s shale bonanza, including a case history of drilling optimization.  

Commercial Aspect of the Shale Gas Market
Alfred G. Holcomb, A&D Manager of Lewis Energy Group, LP
The success of the Eagle Ford shale play and what the experience can teach European developers. How to overcome technical challenges to gas production and possible conflicts between local communities and mineral owners will be identified. 

Companies’ Experience in Producing Shale Gas in the USA
Timothy L. Benton, Vice President - Geosiences, GMX Resources Inc.
Determining the critical technical innovations which made US shale gas commercially viable and how this can be transported in the rest of the world.

Case Study – Fayetteville Shale Drilling Optimization

Steve Vogel, Product Manager – Drilling Solutions, National Oilwell Varco
Outlined is the use of a multi-faceted drilling optimization service for a major independent drilling in a prolific shale gas play in the continental United States. The operator’s business needs, goals and objectives as well as a discussion of the service provider’s solution will be discussed. A detailed description of the service provider’s deliverables with an explanation of the benefits to the user is presented. The various phases of the project, field performance data with an economic analysis of the results are presented. The presentation will be concluded with a discussion on the potential impact of the use of the service for other shale gas or field development projects. 

10.00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition 

10:30 Shale Plays in Europe
Session Chairs: Rustom Mody, Vice President Technology, Baker Hughes Inc., & Joep Beyer, General Manager, KCA DEUTAG Drilling

The outlook for European shale development is bright, but shadowed by regulatory and logistical challenges. The presentations will discuss these topics and more, with input from analysts, government, and both E&P and service companies.  

Unconventional Gas and EU Energy Policy
Michael Schuetz, Policy Officer Indigenous Fossil Fuels, Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission
Unconventional gas may complement our indigenous energy production and thereby contribute to the European Union's security of supply. The European Commission works on further improving the internal market for natural gas which will also benefit producers operating unconventional gas wells. Credible answers to environmental questions will be needed as well as an appropriate implementation of the existing legal framework of the EU by the Member States. 

Anticipated Exploration Activity on Polish Shale – ORLEN’s View
Wieslaw Prugar, President, Orlen Upstream Sp. z o.o.

An outline of what will be the estimated exploration activity driven from the present concession presence into the future.

Optimizing Completion Technology for Eastern European Shales
Mark van Domelen, Senior Technical Advisor for Production Enhancement, Halliburton

ifferentiating factors between Eastern European shale plays and those in the United States, and how these reservoir, logistical, and environmental factors will play a role in the development of the shales in Europe. The presentation will highlight some of the technologies that service companies are developing to help European operators overcome these challenges.   

12.00 Luncheon & Open Exhibition 

13.30 Post-Macondo: Defining the "New Normal" for Drilling Offshore
Moderator: Dr. Lee Hunt, President, IADC 

Beyond doubt, the Macondo blowout was for the E&P industry the defining event of 2010. The fallout reverberates worldwide and is likely to shape our business for years to come – politics, regulation, contracts, training, HSE, well control and well planning, in particular. IADC President Dr. Lee Hunt has been at the forefront working the politics over the last several months, and will share his insights from that experience. Magne Ognedal, an experienced regulator and leader in the International Regulators Forum, has intriguing insights about global impact, while Alan Spackman is the leading expert on the IADC Health Safety and Environment Case, the model for safety management worldwide and a key post-Macondo tool in the Gulf of Mexico. Contractual impacts will also be significant, and will be discussed by Martin Fruergaard.           

  • Dr. Lee Hunt, President, IADC
  • Magne Ognedal, General Director, Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
  • Martin Fruergaard, Chief Commercial Officer, Maersk Drilling
  • Alan Spackman, Vice President - Offshore Technical and Regulatory Affairs, IADC

15.00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition 

15.30 Market Outlook
Session Chair: Mark Waltz, Director Newbuilds, Transocean

What a difference a year makes! Macondo turned the offshore E&P world topsy turvy, while shale activity has revitalized land drilling worldwide. Susan Farrell, PFC Energy, and Tom Kellock, ODS-Petrodata, highly regarded analysts of our industry, will reprise recent developments and provide some context for our path forward. 

A New World Balance: Rising Demand, but Rising Requirements
Susan Farrell, Senior Director, PFC Energy
An outline of the changing oil and gas industry outlook as well as the long term implications emerging from the US oil spill.    

Macondo – One Year On
Tom Kellock, Head of Consulting & Research, ODS Petrodata
Last year’s IADC World Drilling took place less than two months after the Macondo blowout and at that time the implications for the offshore rig market were almost completely unknown.
While some questions about exactly what happened have still to be answered, a great deal more is now known. This presentation will offer a view on how the offshore market will be affected in the years to come in terms of the impact on both operators and contractors. 

16.30 Adjournment 

Unassigned Papers of Note:
The following paper proposals will be included in the conference if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire. 

What's Happening, Can I See That Again? - Getting Real-time Data and Keeping it Safe
Ashe Menon, Director of Optimization Services, Mark Norman, Morten Welmer, National Oilwell Varco, Greg Browning, Seadrill
The need for accurate and specific information about the state of the drilling and well control tools will be presented. The distribution of that information, referred to as remote monitoring, the audience for that information, and the value that can come from that information, will be discussed.  When all efforts fail in well control, the mechanism for securely storing and retrieving that data will be presented. 

New Technology, “Multi Seal Barrier system” for Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) from Mobil Offshore Drilling Units (MODU)
Jan Atle Andresen, Business Development Manager, Siem WIS
Siem WIS has been developed new technology within MPD since 2006. The new patented sealing technology (no bearings) enables MPD from floaters. By utilizing the PCD for platform/Jack up, land drilling and the RPCD for MODU`s the patented gradient system is monitor constantly and gives full status of the seal`s at all time. This gives a safer and controllable drilling when utilizing MPD technology. 

Achieving Brazilian Extended Reach Drilling Records on Polvo Project with Ultra-High Torque Connection
Vincent Flores, Marketing Technical Sales, VAM Drilling, Nathan Biddle, Devon Energy do Brazil LTD, Luciana Osorio, Hector Arevalo, Marcelo Velho, VAM Drilling, Fabien Carrois, Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes
The “Polvo” project will be introduced and explained. What were the technical needs, the solutions offered and the lessons learned. How can these lessons learned during the project apply to other high technology projects in the future. 

Improved Drilling Performance in Complex 3D Well with Application of PowerDrive Xceed Point-the Bit RSS Technology
Jorge Puente, Operations Manager Drilling and Measurements Ecuador, Schlumberger, Moises Cevallos, Ecuador Drilling and Completions Manager, Repsol YPF Ecuador, Hector R. Carrizo, Drilling Engineering Center Manager Ecuador, Schlumberger, Jose Luis Sanchez, Senior Drilling Engineer Ecuador, Schlumberger
Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements planned a side track well for Repsol YPF Ecuador aimed at avoiding drilling delays and completion issues seen in previous wells. The client observed the difficulty level of the well and the possible limitations using conventional directional tools. The Schlumberger PowerDrive Xceed Point-the-Bit RSS tool was offered due to the enhanced DLS capabilities. The result was the section TD being reached in a single run and no issues with the completion of the well. The first PowerDrive Xceed job in the Ecuador resulted in increased drilling performance, saved time and money, and the overall reduction of risks for the client.

Validation of Drilling Systems and their Controls utilizing HARDWARE IN LOOP (HIL) TESTING
Milton Korn, Senior Principal Engineer – Offshore Technology, American Bureau of Shipping

ABS is currently involved in a two-phase revision to its document the ABS Guide for the Certification of Drilling Systems which was first published in 1990 and subsequently revised in 2004 and 2006.  The first phase of the revision changes the focus of the guidance from certification to classification and the second phase is to present Rules for the classification of drilling systems. 




Khaled Al-Abdulgader, Saudi Aramco
Joep Beijer, KCA DEUTAG Drilling GmbH
Willem Brandt, Transocean
Sjoerd Brouwer, Shell Upstream International
Brett Chandler, NOV Grant Prideco
Alex Christensen, Maersk Oil & Gas

Dominique Dupuis, Pride International
Lou Elliott, VAM Drilling
Pierre Gie,
TOTAL Exploration & Production 
Sigve Hovda, Statoil
Carel Hoyer, Weatherford International
Marin Koceic,
Gregers Kudsk, Maersk Drilling
Hege Kverneland, National Oilwell Varco
Jorgen Liboriussen, Maersk Oil & Gas
Shane Marchand, Helmerich & Payne
Toni Marszalek, Schlumberger Italiana Spa
Rustom Mody, Baker Hughes Incorporated
George Morgan, Halliburton
John Monks, Northern Offshore Ltd.
Cesar Munoz, Repsol YPF
Joachim Oppelt, Baker Hughes Incorporated
Egidio Palliotto, Saipem
Bill Sanstrom, Halliburton
Hermann Spörker, OMV Exploration & Production GmbH
Mark Waltz, Transocean
Bob Warren, Pride International
Gert-Jan Windhorst, Noble Drilling (Netherlands) BV
Jens Hoffmark, IADC
Lee Hunt, IADC
Mike Killalea, IADC


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