Competence Assurance Accreditation Programs Forms & Documents

This is a list of current forms used in the Competence Assurance Accreditation (CAA) Program. Forms with active hyperlinks may be downloaded from the web in PDF format.


Title Current Revision
 Competence Assurance—Guidelines for Building a Successful Program Rev 0,
April 2015
Bulletin 18-01 October 2018

Application Documents

Important: PDF forms that include a signature field must be signed digitally before being submitted to IADC. To sign a form digitally, simply click in the signature field (box) and follow the instructions. Once the digital signature is set up, it is password-protected and can be used on all future fillable PDF forms that require a signature.

 By signing these forms digitally, you no longer need to print, sign, and scan the form before submitting it to IADC.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring they submit the latest version of any forms, which are maintained on this page.

Form ID Title Current Revision Format
ACD-15 IADC Logo Usage Policy Rev 4, Sept 2016 PDF
ACD-63 IADC Corrective Action Form Rev 20, Jun 2018 PDF
ACD-64 IADC Audit Acknowledgement Rev 3, Jun 2018 PDF
ACD-67 Quality Statement & Comment Policy Rev 5,
Sept 2016
ACD-67p Quality Statement & Comment Policy, Portuguese Rev 2, Nov 2016 PDF
ACD-67s Quality Statement & Comment Policy, Spanish Rev 4,
Sept 2016
CAA-01 Accreditation Handbook – Specifications regarding program structure, requirements, and accreditation criteria. 2nd Edition, Rev 0
Oct 2018
CAA-03 Application for Accreditation – This document is to be used to submit an initial application for Competence Assurance Accreditation.  Should be submitted with the appropriate initial accreditation fee (see Schedule of Fees, CAA-06). Rev 7,
Oct 2018
CAA-03M Program Modification Form Rev 2, Oct 2018 PDF
CAA-04 Attestation Agreement – This document specifies terms and conditions of obtaining and maintaining accreditation from IADC. Rev 2, Oct 2018 PDF
CAA-06 Schedule of Fees – Includes current information on fees for application, annual dues, modifications, and audit. Rev 9,
Sept 2017
CAA-10 Accreditation Process Flowchart Rev 4,
April 2018
CAA-61 Site Visit Checklist & Report Rev 13, June 2014 PDF