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IADC Competence Assurance Accreditation System

IADC is pleased to announce the launch of its accreditation system for drilling and service company Competence Assurance programs. The accreditation system is designed to assure these programs meet accepted practices to develop and ensure the skills of their personnel. Organizations seeking accreditation must complete forms and submit to IADC with appropriate fees and instructional materials.

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An organization that applies for IADC Accreditation will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Training Policy and Procedures Document
  • Identification of Job Positions to be deemed competent through the program
  • Process for defining competencies
  • Training Resources and Methods to support the training and development process
  • Assessment System – a means to assess an employee’s competence
  • Records System – a means of documenting satisfactory completion of training and assessments
  • Quality Assurance – a formal means of self directed auditing for adherence to the published policies and procedures and reporting on a periodic basis

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