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IADC International Development Division Announces New Leadership

25th September, 2013|2013, News|

IADC Teams with US Colleges to Form Workforce Attraction and Development Initiative

29th August, 2013|2013, News|

IADC Announces Formation of the Well Control Institute

26th August, 2013|2013, News|

IADC represents industry at US meeting with European Commissioner for Energy

22nd July, 2013|2013, News|

IADC welcomes European Parliament’s offshore safety directive

23rd May, 2013|2013, News|

IADC supports latest BSEE Safety and Environmental Management Systems rule

4th April, 2013|2013, News|

IADC applauds EU agreement on offshore oil and gas safety

22nd February, 2013|2013, News|

IADC Environmental Conference to feature presentations by Hon. Willliam K Reilly, Jay Hakes and industry leaders

1st February, 2013|2013, News|

NOIA and IADC see broad, far reaching impacts from EPA suspension of BP

30th November, 2012|2012, News|

International Association of Drilling Contractors supports European Parliament vote on gas shale development

21st November, 2012|2012, News|

Andersson, Hannegan, Al-Hussain receive IADC Exemplary Service Awards

The International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) awarded the 2012 recipients of the Exemplary Service Awards today at its Annual General Meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz. The Awards recognize individuals for their outstanding contributions to IADC and the drilling industry and their commitment to improving and advancing its safety, training and technology.
7th November, 2012|2012, News|

IADC criticizes BSEE policy for citing drilling contractors

17th August, 2012|2012, News|

IADC and allies applaud US House’s effort to improve OCS leasing plan through H.R. 6082

25th July, 2012|2012, News|

IADC welcomes OCS lease plan announcement, but calls for opening all US waters

2nd July, 2012|2012, News|

New IADC Project Will Enhance Competency Guidelines For Drilling-Rig Personnel

4th June, 2012|2012, News|

IADC names Stephen A. Colville President, succeeding 28-year vet Dr Lee Hunt

21st February, 2012|2012, News|
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    IADC SkillSTICK marks major advance in personal training management

IADC SkillSTICK marks major advance in personal training management

8th February, 2012|2012, News|
  • Mark Denkowski
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    Mark Denkowski promoted to IADC VP-Accreditation & Certification Programs

Mark Denkowski promoted to IADC VP-Accreditation & Certification Programs

9th January, 2012|2012, News|

IADC Names New Officers

3rd January, 2012|2012, News|

IADC Applauds Senators’ Leadership In Opposing Federal Drilling Moratorium

19th July, 2010|2010, News|

IADC Opposes Job, Industry-Killing Moratorium

14th July, 2010|2010, News|

IADC Testimony To National Commission Urges Speedy Return To Drilling

13th July, 2010|2010, News|

Study: Offshore Workers Call 68% Of Congressional Districts Home

12th July, 2010|2010, News|

Congressmen Join Drilling Industry In Town Hall Meeting, Pledge Support To Fight Drilling Ban

7th July, 2010|2010, News|

IADC Files Amicus Brief Supporting Resumption Of Deepwater Drilling

6th July, 2010|2010, News|