A wide range of technical manuals, reference books and CD-ROMs, training materials and rig site data forms can be ordered directly from sales offices in Houston and the Netherlands.

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“Drillers Knowledge Book” a practical guide to avoiding drilling problems

The forthcoming “Drillers Knowledge Book” aims at helping drillers drill more efficiently and safely, bolstered by specific, previously unpublished solutions to common drilling problems. Uniquely, the “Drillers Knowledge Book” will help drillers continually improve efficiency while drilling a well.

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Author Ron Sweatman discusses “Well Cementing Operations”

“Well Cementing Operations” covers techniques and developments never before published in a single source – overview of basic well-cementing theory, best practices and real-world applications, calculations and problem solving exercises. Perfect for both newly hired and experienced rig-based personnel, students and engineers in the office.

Drilling Near-Miss Form

Special Feature!

IADC Drilling Near Miss/Hit Report Form

The IADC Drilling Near Miss/Hit Report takes safety reporting to a new level. Studies clearly show that a systematic program of reporting, reviewing and sharing with employees Near Miss/Hit events in the work place leads to improved safety.

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HSE Reference GuideIADC is a major publisher of manuals, reference books and periodicals addressing all aspects of onshore and offshore drilling operations. IADC Publications is the drilling industry’s one-stop source for definitive references on safety, well control, drilling technology, environmental compliance and training, in addition to industry-recognised contracts and forms for rig-site data management.

Among the most popular references are the IADC Drilling Manual (available in hard-copy and CD-ROM), IADC Health, Safety & Environmental Reference Guide, and IADC Deepwater Well Control Guidelines. The IADC Daily Drilling Report (DDR) is the standard for rig-site data collection. IADC also licenses the right to reproduce the DDR electronically.

The IADC Bookstore Online ( details the complete product line. In addition to listing IADC-published materials, the website and companion hard-copy catalogue offer a variety of items produced by other drilling-industry publishers. Two Publication sales offices (Houston and the Netherlands) are available for the convenience of members.


IADC details its activities and initiatives through targeted periodicals and its websites: details our mission, with current information on activities and initiatives, regulatory intervention activities, leadership, chapters, conferences, publications, membership information and more.


Membership Directory ThumbnailIADC Membership Directory

The Annual IADC Membership Directory is the definitive reference to IADC’s global membership of drilling contractors, oil producers, equipment manufacturers, service firms, educational institutions and more.

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Drilling Contractor is the only magazine that exclusively covers the global drilling and completion industry. IADC’s official magazine reaches more than 30,000 readers six times annually.


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Drilling Contractor’s Digital Reader delivers comprehensive content, including text, images and multimedia, all in one handy mobile format. Flip through pages on your iPad, just like the real magazine!

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DC is also on the web at DC is “All Drilling, All Completions, All the Time”. IADC’s monthly newsletter “Drill Bits” keeps the industry up to date on initiatives, from pressing government affairs and regulatory issues to committee, division and chapter activities.


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