ESG – Environment, Social & Governance

Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)

As the demand for energy remains steady, industry must continue to progress, and so too must the commitment toward environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. IADC is stepping up efforts to support Members’ ESG initiatives, while continuing to deliver long-standing offerings that support these issues.

At the core of IADC’s mission is an imperative to promote the highest standards of stewardship in industry safety standards, environmental integrity and operational efficiency. IADC will continue its focus on these core areas in all regions where its members operate.


At the forefront of a commitment to environmental stewardship is technology and innovation. The drilling industry has proven time and time again it will not rest when it comes to the development and application of solutions aimed at reducing emissions, spill prevention and management, and alternative fuel usage. Many of IADC’s Committees and Conferences offer opportunities for Members to share best practices and collaborate on the development of solutions to address environmental concerns.

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An educated and well-trained workforce is key to achieving industry’s stated goal of zero accidents and zero incidents. As such, IADC accreditation programs incorporate expertise from a wide spectrum of industry veterans to ensure that worker-training programs are consistently updated to reflect the latest drilling technology and well-pad advancements.

IADC is committed to making a positive difference in the communities in which we work and live, and this starts with our own families. The Association emphasizes employee benefits which support employee needs as well as employees’ efforts to care for loved ones. IADC makes a charitable donation in lieu of conference speaker gifts, and our regional Chapters across the world host events with the singular purpose of benefiting charities in their local communities.

Through an array of conferences around the globe and well-established committees, IADC Members share best practices and innovative ideas in a collaborative effort to ensure that every oil and gas worker returns home safely every day.

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IADC was formed in 1940 from the belief that the industry needed a collective voice to represent its interests. Advocating for sensible regulation has remained at the cornerstone of IADC activities over the past eight decades.

Industry experts continue this work today by coming together on IADC Committees like Ethics and Tax to share best practices, develop solutions, and ensure that IADC and the industry stay true to core values.

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